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On this page, I'll provide pictures of, and information about, the people and organizations that share my views.


we don't own a church bldg. but we're The Church of The Living God,  a body of Baptised believers: I Tim. 3: 15


William F. Dankenbring
Here's a picture of the minister of our current faith walk in our Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth of course: ......


We'll be getting back intouch with you'll soon. .......


We've not been to their place of worship, as of yet! , but we are communicating through internet services and by live telephone hook-up @ : You can now hook up with our LIVE Sabbath Service and Bible Study each week by telephone, no matter where you live! Simply dial our conference call telephone number: 918-222-7102.
Then, after being prompted by a voice
on the line, enter the code number:
2415, and then press the # sign. Do
this between 1:15-1:30 Pacific Coast
Time, and you will be hooked up! It
is recomended that you use a Speaker- phone, or hook your telephone up to an audio amplifier for optimum listening. Fr:

Here's a link to my church's web site:

My Church

Love always Fr: Walter, Jr. and Deborah, La./Wa.